Red Lobster asked us to evolve the look and feel of their communications,
starting with their Crabfest event.

We decided to play up the craft of their kitchen with a more dramatically lit approach, playfully using multi-frames to show dishes being brought to life. The new look and feel came with a new declarative tagline – Now This is Seafood.

Social channels allowed us to give guests a more in-depth look at the craft that goes into Crabfest.
We created a Facebook canvas highlighting the many different species unique to the event.

On mobile, you can interact with it here (if you're so inclined).

In the canvas you can literally plumb the depths to where each crab is found and what it tastes like.

Tapping any species serves up footage of how that crab is prepped and plated at Crabfest.

If you saw a Red Lobster communication in late 2017 or early 2018,
chances are my partner and I made it – or had a part in making it.

Agency: Publicis
Production: MacGuffin
ECD: Jay Williams || ACD/AD: Lauren Pantano

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