Since the Energizer Bunny only plays in North America – in the rest of the world Duracell is known as the "pink bunny brand" and Energizer uses an anthropomorphic battery – we needed to create a global campaign that wouldn't rely on an icon. So we made the batteries themselves iconic.

This campaign is pitch work that won Chiat the consolidated global business, but never made it out of testing. (Thanks, Australia.)




We made a lot of work for this campaign, and my manifesto was used to help sell it.

Campaign Manifesto:

We believe in the power of energy.

Because energy doesn't just power a stereo.
It holds a talent show in the kitchen.

It does more than make a camera flash.
It brings the Eiffel tower home with you.

It goes beyond powering a lantern.
It illuminates an entire village.

At Energizer,
We put our energy into creating more energy.

The kind that powers the imagination.
The kind that dreams in possibility.
The kind that keeps the world going.

Whatever you put your energy into...Keep going.

Agency: TBWAChiatDay
CCO: Lee Clow || ECD: Rob Schwartz || GCD: Jerry Gentile || CD: Robin Fitzgerald, Michael Blaney || AD: Mike Palese

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