For many years, Commerce Bank was using separate campaigns to reach the unique audiences of their different business segments.  We were asked to develop a unifying campaign that would resonate with all audiences across their consumer, affluent, commercial, small business, retail and wealth segments.


Our insight was simple: everyone has questions about money.

Using social listening, search data and real questions from current customers, we tailored each creative execution with real questions from each audience for maximum impact. We also convinced Commerce Bank that we could unify the whole campaign and show how they provide the right answers to every segment with their tagline – Challenge Accepted. 

Consumer :30 TV

Commercial :30 TV

Print Ads - Commercial

Social Ads – Consumer

Social Ads – Commercial

All social ads drove traffic directly to an article or financial solution page on that answered the posed question or to the revamped landing pages. 

Main Landing Page

Consumer Landing Page

Commercial Landing Page

Agency: Manifest
CCO: Sacha Reeb || ACD/AD: Angela Kim + Ben Eversmann ||  Production: JH Artists

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